Omniow: how we “feed the bull”

2 min readDec 2, 2018

In just a few years, ICOs have revolutionized traditional investment methods. We have seen and followed its evolution, measured its impact, and analyzed this transformation for more than three years. The “ICO mania” already seems to us to be a long way off, and is giving way to a real professionalization of the sector. Improvisation no longer has its place, and that’s why Omniow was created in November 2018.

We, Omniow’s four partners, have completed more than 15 projects. With this experience and insight, we were able to anticipate the changes in progress, and prepare for those to come: STO (Security Token Offering), Utility Token conversion, Equity Token, etc. There are many changes and they all converge towards a market that is more regulated, focused and open to traditional investors.

The end of the Wild West

We firmly believe in a real professionalization of the sector in the future. Fundraising by issuing crypto-assets is becoming complementary to more traditional investments. On the other hand, the methods are becoming similar, at the cost of a certain freedom that lasted until 2018. Business model, financing plan, targets, appropriate tokenomics, investors documents meeting standards, etc. These are all elements that must be consistent with new expectations.

For project leaders, it is therefore essential to avoid these pitfalls and adopt good practices. Our experience provides us with a real know-how that we make available to our customers.

Why Omniow?

At Omniow, consulting is at the heart of our service offering. It is necessary because in a constantly and rapidly changing market, it is essential to be able to adapt and react accordingly. This is what constitutes, both for your projects and for our team, a guarantee of trust and security.

We take this logic well beyond words, since it is also reflected in terms of transparency and sharing: we are committed to sharing our knowledge not only with our customers, but also with the entire ecosystem. In concrete terms, we publish our technical developments, legal opinions and regulatory discoveries, our network of partners, etc. in open source and whenever possible.

For you, and your financing projects, Omniow’s team puts actions before promises. Several customers have already placed their trust in us. We do everything we can to ensure their success on a daily basis by bringing our experience and assets to bear, while remaining extremely selective about the projects we support. We also offer free onboarding, available on our website, and on which you will also find our contacts.

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